The World of Self-Survival
Minecraft is more than just another video game. For those who roll their eyes at The Sims or Second Life, Minecraft is something completely different. While it seems the same on the outside, it’s a game of adventure and self-survival. The whole point of the game is to get out and explore—creating your own adventure in the process.

You can choose whether you want to play on Creative mode or in Survival mode. Both offer their own pros and cons, and are fun for different needs and wants. Within the survival mode you learn to mine for your materials and create items from them. Within the creative mode there is the ability to create many different tools from the materials given.

Playing With Friends and Creating Adventures
When in the creative mode, there is the ability to play a multiplayer option. This is a great way to join with friends and have an adventure of your own. You can explore the lands, build new innovative devices, and bend the universe to your own will. It’s not exactly real-life, unlike games like The Sims, but it is a fun-filled world that provides exciting entertainment.

If you do decide that you want to play on your own, you can choose either of the two modes. You can learn to build and make decisions yourself, while protecting yourself from the monsters in these randomly generated worlds. It teaches you to create a plan before you go out there and attack.

Create Your Own Gaming Experience
One of the biggest benefits of Minecraft is that you don’t need to be an experienced gamer. The game works for all different levels, mainly due to the two different modes. You can start off slow to learn more about the materials and then get into the real game-play within the survival mode. Those who are avid gamers can jump straight into the dangerous world of Minecraft and start fighting off the nasties.

Death is the aim for the monsters. Survival is the aim for you. You have to find your own way of survival. Some people will want to fight to add more excitement, while others will be happy creating shelters and protecting themselves from certain death. You create the world that you want. You design the tools that you need. It really becomes a personal game.

You will eventually need to fight and kill the monsters. These become excellent food sources—as long as you have that monster-burning oven ready to throw them in. Your own world becomes a chance to plan and think about how you’re going to survive each day. However, when you do attack, you do it on your terms and you get a completely different experience to others playing around you.

Play Against the Game and Not Others
There is no need to worry about what your friends will think. The survival mode is played just against the computer. Your friends aren’t there to see if you make mistakes and they can’t tell if you’ve just managed to get them killed. This is another way it is perfect for all levels. You can die within the first 24 hours of the game’s time and never have to admit it. You can practice your skills to your heart’s content until you decide it is time to face the big bad monsters in the game.

Of course, this can become a downside if you want to play with others. The creative mode is always there for that and you can become explorers of the world. It gives you the chance to have fun, try new stunts, and simply enjoy visiting faraway lands—further away than you could even image in the real world.

Minecraft Graphics: Simple Style for Enjoyment
So many video games now focus on the big graphics and superb explosions. This isn’t the case for Minecraft. The focus is on the game-play and having fun. The graphics are basic, and will take you back to the original Mario Brothers. The game wants you to learn to survive, not be in awe of the life-like style.

Minecraft is all about survival and learning to make plans. It takes you to a random world with zombies and monsters and it’s up to you to survive! What are you waiting for? Download Minecraft here.